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Alternative home energy using hydroelectricity

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Other supplies for living off grid

We offer a variety of small hydroelectric generators designed to be 12, 24 or 48 volt battery chargers, operating from a relatively small volume of water. They charge batteries whenever water is flowing 24 hours a day and the power can be drawn from the battery as needed. As little as 100 gallons per minute (GPM) falling 10 feet through a pipe, or 5 gallons per minute falling 200 feet through a pipe, can supply enough power to run a small household.

In areas where there is a long rainy season and a mountain stream that can be used, a small hydro system can work well with solar modules, both charging the same battery. When it is rainy and the solar modules are putting out less power, the hydroelectric system will be at its peak. By contrast, typical AC power hydro-electric systems are designed to deliver ready-to-use 120/240 VAC power and are not practical for most people. These large hydros need a constant water supply large enough to supply the peak power output that will be required, (usually a minimum of several thousand watts), and require hundreds or even thousands of gallons per minute, depending upon the pressure available. But these large systems can be cost effective for those who have the water.

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Harris turbine


Harris Pelton Turbines
The Harris Pelton turbines are suited well to higher head and lower flow situations. Flow is limited by nozzle size, (a maximum *"). With the Harris, adjustment to variable flows is as easy as switching a valve and dialing in the alternator. Higher flows are accommodated by the ESD Turgo Turbines. (They can have nozzles of up to 1" in diameter.) This hydroelectric battery charger uses a cast bronze pelton wheel and automobile alternator in a white powder-coated aluminum housing. We can supply these turbines with a Ford heavy-duty 80 amp alternator, with one, two or four nozzles, depending on water flow and power requirements. (PVC penstock with one shut-off valve on two-nozzle machines and 3 shut-off valves on 4-nozzle machines included.) These turbines can be fitted with nozzles up to *" in diameter. Each hydroelectric system is custom-built to match your site specifications. Please tell us your head, flow, pipe size and length, and battery voltage when ordering. Allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.

Head range: 20 to 600 feet • Flow Range: 4 to 250 GPM
Maximum 12 Volt Power: 700 WattsMaximum 24 Volt Power: 1400 WattsMaximum 48 Volt Power: 2500 Watts (with additional fan)

Name Price
Harris HD with 1 nozzle $900.00
Harris HD with 2 nozzles $1,240.00
Harris HD with 4 nozzles $1,400.00
48 Volt Option $200.00
Extra Harris Turbine Nozzle $10.00


  ESD Turgo Generator

ESD Turgo Generators
Energy Systems and Design hydro-electric battery chargers use a cast bronze turgo runner to drive a long-life, brushless permanent magnet alternator. A simple change of wiring in the junction box allows this turbine to charge 12, 24 and 48 volt battery systems. These turbines come with cut-to-size nozzles that can be user-set for up to 1", allowing a very large flow in low head situations. They can operate on heads as low as 5 feet with a flow of 40 GPM.
Head range: 5 to 200 feet
Flow range: 40 to 400 GPMMaximum Power: 1000 WattsVoltage is user-set from 12 to 48 VDC

Name Price
ESD Turgo Turbine w/2 Nozzles $1,695.00
ESD Turgo Turbine w/4 Nozzles $1,845.00
Extra Universal Nozzle for Turgo Turbine $30.00



Aquair Submersible Generator
If you have a fast flowing stream that is at least 13 inches deep you can install a Submersible Generator without having to build a dam or install piping. The Aquair submersible generator is a special low-speed, high output alternator, mounted in an oil-filled cast aluminum housing. It was developed to charge lighting batteries on towed barges in the North Sea. When mounted in a stream flowing 9 MPH, it charges a 12 volt battery at 8 amps, or 2.4 kilowatt hours per day. It can produce 1.5 kilowatt hours per day in a stream moving 6 MPH. Estimating the flow accurately is very important. We have found that stream flow is often overestimated. For a low cost measuring method, throw a floating object into the stream and time the trip between two points. The propeller is made of ductile aluminum, which can be hammered back into shape if it is hit by floating debris. Replacement propellers are available in case of severe damage. Installation requires secure mounting, such as on a vertical pole from a bridge or on a cantilever beam from one side of the stream. If your stream is subject to violent flows due to thunder storms or flood control releases, you should have some method of raising the generator out of the way. The Aquair is 14.5" long. The generator is 8-3/8" in diameter and the propeller is 12*" in diameter. It weighs 30 pounds. A non-shorting charge control like the Trace C30 or C40, or load diversion regulator like the Enermax may be used for overcharge protection.


Name Price
Aquair Submersible - 12 V $1,196.00
Aquair Submersible - 24 V $1,196.00
Mounting Pole $175.00
Spare propeller $145.00
Low RPM Prop $145.00
Propeller guard $299.00

Harris Bronze Pelton
This is a silicon-bronze cast pelton wheel with a 4" pitch diameter and an arbor threaded for most Ford and Delco alternators. It is the runner used on the Harris Hydroelectric turbines.

Name Price
Harris Pelton Runner - Bronze $275.00

ESD Pelton Wheel
This is a polyurethane casting of the famous Pelton design. It has a 4" pitch diameter and can be used with up to a *" jet of water. Center of runner has a 1/2" diameter hole, you must provide attachment.

Name Price
E.S.&D. Pelton Runner - Plastic $113.00

ESD Bronze Turgo Wheel
This wheel is made of cast bronze and it threads onto a Delco or 80 amp Ford alternator. The pitch diameter (the place where the center of the jet of water should be aimed) is 4". It can be used with a jet of water up to 1". The nozzle should be tilted at a 20 degrees angle from the horizontal surface of the wheel. This is the runner in the ESD turbines.

Name Price
E.S.&D. Turgo Runner - Bronze $737.00
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